July 5th, 2013

Effective July 5th, 2013

In an attempt to expand the registry, keep better track of lineages, and at the request of many of our customers, the National Lacy Dog Registry has decided that the current Limited Registration Certificate will be phased out in the coming months and replaced with a Permanent Registration Certificate. A litter is eligible for Permanent Registration if it is the result of a mating between an NLDR registered sire and NLDR registered dam.

To promote breeding to a standard, support sound temperament and preserve natural working ability, the NLDR will continue to offer a Breed Quality certificate for eligible Lacy dogs.

To receive Breed Quality Certification, a Lacy dog must be 12 months of age or older, meet the standard as set forth by the NLDA, and show working ability. An inspection must be done by an NLDR – approved inspector or a licensed veterinarian. Inspectors must certify that the dog is free of disqualifying faults.


  • Unilateral or bilateral cryptorchid
  • Extreme aggressiveness or shyness
  • Incorrect white markings
  • Colors besides blue, red and tri
  • Dogs measuring under 17 inches or over 22 inches at the withers
  • Overshot or undershot bite
  • Pricked or hound type ears


The NLDR will remain an open stud book registry and will continue to require inspections on previously unregistered dogs. Inspection of breeding stock is also required for all NLDA Approved Breeders.

The inspection process primarily focuses on external appearance described by the Breed Standard. This is because the standard is a guideline covering specific externally observable qualities such as appearance, movement, and temperament for that dog breed.

The purpose of this conformation evaluation is to assist breeders in the selection of breeding stock by rewarding the dogs which, through external observation, are the best representatives of the breed and faults are evaluated as part of that process.

We still encourage every breeder to evaluate each puppy and check for issues such as cryptorchid, mismarked, or obvious malocclusions before they are sold. Breeders are responsible for the selection of breeding stock.

We promise to continue offering our customers quality service as well as educating and assisting our customers in breeding the best Lacy dogs where an equal emphasis is placed on performance and appearance. Both the registry and the National Lacy Dog Association will continue to build and maintain the Lacy dog’s reputation as a working breed without a wavering appearance.

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