Limited Registration returns

Effective August 8th, 2014

The National Lacy Dog Registry now offers a Limited Registration Certificate as an option for breeders wanting to sell registered puppies that are not breeding quality.

The purpose of the Limited Registration is to help breeders protect their lines. In some cases, a breeder may decide that certain dogs should not produce puppies, possibly because those dogs do not meet the breed standard. Or the breeder may wish to sell puppies under a co-ownership contract which contains special stipulations pertaining to breeding.

Whatever the reason may be, if the breeder does not want these dogs used for breeding purposes, he or she can request the Limited Registration option when registering the litter. Litters from dogs with Limited papers cannot be registered with the NLDR. This way, breeders can sell registered non-breeding dogs without having to withhold puppy papers from the buyers.

Please note – this only applies to Limited Registration Certificates issued on or after August 1st, 2014.

Limited Registration Certificates can be requested by the the breeder when registering a litter and LRCs can be changed to Full registration by the breeder once the dog has met whatever criteria the breeder has set forth.

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