Meeting minutes 1/28/2023

NLDR Meeting Minues
January 28, 2023 at 11:00 am

In attendance: Pres. Rod Buvens, Secretary Courtney Farris, Sean Cockrell

Meeting called to order by Courtney Farris
No other minutes to approve


Registry report

Courtney gives registry report. Discuss increasing fees to keep with increasing postage and cost of supplies.
Sean Cockrell suggests applications for breed quality registration require proof of working ability.

Courtney Farris makes motion to nominate Sean Cockrell for President, Courtney Farris nominates herself for Vice President, Kristin S. Cockrell nominated for Treasurer, Angela Hernandez nominated for Secretary.
Rod Buvens and Courtney Farris vote to elect Sean Cockrell as Pres. Courtney Farris as VP, Kristin Cockrell as Treas. And Angela Hernandez as Secretary.

Discuss changing registry address to 10500 CR 258 Zephyr, TX 76890.
Address will need to be updated with Secretary of State and IRS.
Discuss closing current bank account at First United Bank and opening another bank account. Sean Cockrell will conduct opening of new bank account.
Courtney Farris will transfer funds from First United Bank to Sean Cockrell once he is ready to make a deposit.
PayPal account will be updated.

Any other new business?

No other business

Courtney makes motion to adjourn meeting. Sean Cockell seconds. Meeting adjourned.

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